TOEFL 3-in-1 lesson material: essay + editing + vocabulary

Flaming cocktailsAt first I simply wanted to publish my recent TOEFL lesson pack devoted to teaching a toefl essay. Then I thought the material is in fact a 3-in-one lesson, and tried to describe he approach behind it – which resulted in a BIG post about all-in-one approach… having little to to with this particular material :). So I ended up with 2 posts instead of one. ­čÖé

This one is all about a TOEFL essay, in particular:

  • reading a sample essay (high-level, but imperfect)
  • I took the essay from here and hope the author doesn’t mind ­čÖé

  • evaluation,┬ánoticing, editing skills development
  • academic ┬ávocabulary focus – for upper internediate+ students
  • paraphrasing skills.

DOWNLOAD the lesson materials here.


If I were writing a coursebook…

Red-eyed Tree Frog - Litoria chloris edit1

I keep wondering about why so many coursebooks still  work on listening in one lesson and reading in another one.

I love the many-in-one approach. Not only is it economical in terms of time spent on lesson preparation – it is also a lot more effective than ┬áthe “one task – one skill” one.

Here you can download a TOEFL essay + vocabulary + noticing/editing lesson, which is not 100% related to this post ­čÖé – but is one example of multiple benefits extracted from one text.
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