My English Speaking club in Moscow…

Been busy setting up a new enterprise – an English speaking club in Moscow, where I live. Almost up an running now. What do you think of  the site? 🙂 Thanx in advance for your comments – I’d greatly appreciate some feedback (although the site is in Russian, but there are quite a few pages in English in the past sessions category (Что было?) – A BUNCH OF MATERIALS TO MAKE GREAT CONVERSATION/CLUB LESSONS.


6 comments on “My English Speaking club in Moscow…

  1. mayor says:

    i’ll love to be a part of dis to meet new english speakin friends and help some with thr english)))

  2. waykate says:

    Hi – great, do you live in Moscow?

  3. mayor says:

    yes i study and live in moscow)

    • waykate says:

      OK – we’re just starting, but you can get in touch with me about this. It’s still a very new project, but we expect to have a decent number of students by the enf of September. Thanx for your interest 🙂

  4. mayor says:

    you are welcome always)))
    i am looking forward to dis project and i hope it becomes a total success)))

  5. waykate says:

    Hi there, mayor – remember me? 😉 The club is up and running, on Fridays and Saturdays, so we can chat about your being part of it – at 🙂

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