Weird jobs, funny jobs… A free downloadable and enjoyable lesson.

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Teacher’s notes.

 Level: high pre-intermediate – upper intermediate

Time:  60-90+ minutes as-is (depending on the level), or it could be split into 2 lessons and some controlled practice can be added.

Skills: speaking, reading, writing.

This is a lesson that emerged out of one of our English club sessions devoted to funny jobs. Therefore, it provides scaffolding to facilitate conversation rather than overt teaching. Anyway, it will be effective as a freer practice lesson after you covered the material necessary to talk about job duties, personal qualities, describing your experience etc. – i.e., the language useful to go through an interview. Alternatively, use it as an introductory task-based lesson prior to teaching those topics. Another option is to add some presentation and controlled practice tasks to make a PPP-lesson out of it (you may wish to split the lesson into 2 then).

As for the last task – making a mock job interview – there is a great and simple free simulation at that you can easily adapt to match this lesson since it is in the doc format.

The language areas involved are:

  • Using present perfect to describe your experience.
  • Using present perfect with superlative adjectives (the funniest job I have ever heard of).
  • Patterns to describe work duties.
  • A number of action verbs to describe a job (to test, to assist, to instruct, to procure etc).
  • A model to name a job: noun + verb-er (a mule handler).
  • Adjectives to describe personality.
  • Patterns commonly used in a newspaper job ad.

Copyright note: I borrowed the list of crazy jobs from the Internet and since lots of sites have published it I guess it’s open source information now .

Hope you have a good time teaching this lesson and drop me a line about how it went.

Download the teacher’s notes