Paper or plastic?

Paper or plastic?  The very first post on  my very new lessonplans site.

It’s a lesson based on a nice video I came across on youtube, with student’s worksheets and teacher’s notes.


My English Speaking club in Moscow…

Been busy setting up a new enterprise – an English speaking club in Moscow, where I live. Almost up an running now. What do you think of  the site? 🙂 Thanx in advance for your comments – I’d greatly appreciate some feedback (although the site is in Russian, but there are quite a few pages in English in the past sessions category (Что было?) – A BUNCH OF MATERIALS TO MAKE GREAT CONVERSATION/CLUB LESSONS.

TOEFL 3-in-1 lesson material: essay + editing + vocabulary

Flaming cocktailsAt first I simply wanted to publish my recent TOEFL lesson pack devoted to teaching a toefl essay. Then I thought the material is in fact a 3-in-one lesson, and tried to describe he approach behind it – which resulted in a BIG post about all-in-one approach… having little to to with this particular material :). So I ended up with 2 posts instead of one. 🙂

This one is all about a TOEFL essay, in particular:

  • reading a sample essay (high-level, but imperfect)
  • I took the essay from here and hope the author doesn’t mind 🙂

  • evaluation, noticing, editing skills development
  • academic  vocabulary focus – for upper internediate+ students
  • paraphrasing skills.

DOWNLOAD the lesson materials here.

why I love speaking clubs.

What I really love about the speaking clubs is 2 things, basically:

  • you never know which way the discussion will take you, and –
  • you learn such a lot from the clubbers while they discover a great deal from you…

Last week I was mostly absent from the virtual world as I was busy starting a conversational club. Its second session received most favourable feedback from the participants, which is why I decided to share its plan and the accompanying materials – so you could  use it  next year – or this year, may be – why not?

The Friday of  March 18th was  devoted to Saint Patrick’s day – yet, you can’t imagine the variety of topics we touched upon!  Here’s what we did (including the links to songs and downloadable materials).

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Grammar lesson-planning template

Radiometer 9965 NevitThis is the result of some recent reflections on lesson-planning, rule-based teaching (again) inspired by this discussion, and this challenge (I had no time to participate, unfortunately), plus the #ELTchat of  of 02.02. 2011 (summary here) on fossilized errors. So,

>lesson-planning made easier, plus

>fossilized errors (and errors as such) prevention, plus

>some up-to-date views on rules in teaching

= this grammar presentation plan template

+ a grammar_presentation_sample_plan_comparatives.

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LOVE lesson plan creative commons pix

Somewhat  too late for St Valentine… Or a bit too early for the next one…  Yet – someone might need it, as it’s FUN. It’s especially useful for a club meeting or as a language camp entertaining lesson.

Download the the science of love Kate’s lessonplan. Drop me a line of feedback, maybe.

READING worksheet#1: the washroom story

This worksheet was inspired and created in response to the DAY 2 topic discussed within the FREE ON-LINE COURSE IN TEACHING READING (innovative strategies) taking place here. I’m thoroughly enjoying it – so might you! The worksheet is HERE: washroom_story_pre-reading_worksheet_ceeta About the worksheet (aims, method used) – see below. A nice selection of FREE cartoon signs and notices – here. Continue reading